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ID 212
Title The equatorial ionospheric zonal electric field obtained from the ROCSAT-1 satellite, Jicmarca ISR, JULIA and magnetometer
Creator Ruilong Zhang
Subject zonal electric field
Publisher Xiukuan Zhao
Description The ROCSAT-1 data are from the website of The Jicamarca ISR and JULIA and geomagnetic data can be available in the website of The information of GSWM can be obtained from the High Altitude Observatory at The files denote the vertical plasma drift from ROCSAT-1 satellite, Jicmarca ISR and JULIA, and equatorial electrojet from the geomagnetic observations, and the diurnal zonal wind from GSWM.
Contributor Ruilong Zhang
Date rocsat-1.mat: May 1999-April 2004; rocsatcases.mat and julia.mat and EEJ.mat: 28 Dec 2001 and 7 Aug 2002; ISR.mat: 1995-2019; GSWM.mat: diurnal zonal tidal wind at 14 LT in September
Type The parameters include year, doy, ut (hour), lt (hour), glat (°), glon (°), alt (km), Vz (m/s), dVz (m/s),ni (cm-3), rOi (%), EEJ (nT), diurnal_zonal (m/s).
Format Files in .mat format available in MATLAB.
DOI 10.12197/2020GA013
Language eng
Rights ROCSAT-1: National Central University of Taiwan; GSWM: High Altitude Observatory; Jicamarca observations: Instituto Geofisico del Peru